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Jan 4, 2008

Illuminati torture of their ex-icon Britney Spears, the failed "Madonna" II, explained long ago...

Illuminati torture of their ex-icon Britney Spears, the failed "Madonna" replacement, explained long ago... (1)
The latest chapter: Britney Spears in hospital, may lose child visits. (2)

(1) Illuminati icons - case studies - Britney Spears: the failed replacement for Madonna, 2/17/2007
From: webarchive - (godlikeproductions, a site managed by the CIA Web of Disinformation, deleted the original):

To understand why is she failed replacement for Madonna, start by thinking "children". I mean illuminati children agenda...
Illuminati icons - case studies - Popes and Divas: from good John Paul II to Hitler Youth Benedict XVI; from silicone Pamela Anderson to millionaire Paris Hilton
Preliminary must read about illuminati icons: creating and selling them: see first post in

Reply from poster Kyoon, the only so far to echo the Truth, explained first and only by End Times Prophet:
Is she failed replacement for Madonna by becoming a mother, the wrong message for an illuminati icon to be propagating at this time ?
Answer from Matt Marriott:
Correct. Also she married as a mother. Another wrong message Now contrast this with "Madonna", who excelled in that script.

(2) Illuminati media: "Britney Spears in hospital, may lose child visits", Jan 4, 2008

Note the same technique as in the "Paris Hilton jailed" script, i.e.a safety valve to satisfy non-thinking people's sense of justice.
But this time the torture is not staged, it is for real. Start here:
Larry King live, Paris Hilton, drugs agenda and illuminati icons - "rich socialite jailed" script
and read this after:
Paris Hilton "I'm too beautiful for jail" vs. OJ Simpson "He is too rich and famous for jail"

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