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Oct 15, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama II vs. Madonna: role of birth certificate in naming illuminati icons

From Madonna to Barack Hussein Obama II - the process of naming illuminati icons

As now the ultimate example for naming illuminati icons, Barack Hussein Obama II, is about to step down from stage, as part of the same process where the Clintons step on again to perform their VERY last act (1), in the ultimate screenplay, with special guest Osama (2), it is most appropriate to recall this historical post from TRUE Prophet Truth666. (3)
This post is nothing less than the VERY first post in the very first page still available exposing how illuminati icons (4) are named.

Now, who was first re-named to the illuminati icon format, i.e. Louise Ciccone to Madonna or Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama II?
Help to let you answer:
Barry Soetoro was using an Indonesian passport when he visited Pakistan at the age of 20, which means he was an Indonesian citizen at the age of 20. This means that Lolo Soetoro adopted or acknowledged him. Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenships. Indonesia also didn't allow anyone but Indonesian citizens to attend schools in the country. He was registered as "Barry Soetoro" at a school in Indonesia with his citizenship listed as such; thus proving his adoption or acknowledgement by Soetoro. (5)

(1) Following the title matching results returned from this black hole....
... you can confirm that the script was published first time at least as early as May 2007


(3) Everything in "Madonna", starting with the name, was engineered by the same people that designed the upgrade 20 years later, Britney Spears. ... [see 3a]
BTW, one of the main roles that those people that engineered Madonna gave her was the same as one of the roles the Clintons also played.
See posts by Truth666 here: #2, #28, #39, etc at:

[3a] BTW, that upgrade failed...

(4) First result, as the name matching blogspot URL indicates, is the correct one.

(5) More on the subject, relevant for another question: what is the role played by "black" "Obama" in the "election" of president Hillary Clinton in 2008? [see 5a]
Obama is only admitting so far that he was born with a dual Kenyan citizenship.
Obama's paternal grandmother, half-brother and half-sister claim to have been at the birth in Kenya. Stanley Ann Dunham was indeed in Kenya getting a divorce right before she gave birth. Airlines don't allow extremely pregnant women on planes.

[5a] A question that could also be posed as: In which post-formatted script is  the birth certificate included, Obama or Madonna?  One of those key answers that you will not find in illuminati's Wikipedia...

Jan 2014: name FULLY decoded first by Last Prophet:
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II: Naming Illuminati Icons for the human cattle while fulfilling the anti-Bble

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