Illuminati Icons for the Human Cattle - from Bill Clinton to 50 Cent

Jan 29, 2015

Varoufakis fake identity to mock greeks

Varoufakis, same as John Nash: yet another "beautiful mind" created to mock the human cattle.

Varoufakis: fake identity & Illuminati icon created to mock greeks and beyond, the greeks, and beyond: the "radical leftist" who suddenly stepped on stage.
29 September 2011 - Varoufakis first steps on stage at Wikipedia.
The only thing he supposedly produced until Sept 2010: "several books on John Nash's Game Theory", while none of them is specified.
The final line of the one and only paragraph: "Since September 2011, Truman Factor features select articles by Varoufakis in English and in Spanish."
This is a joke about President Truman, alias Robert Ritter von Greim., the last Generalfeldmarschall of illuminati's battalion of "True men".

Added: May 24, 2015 - Fake death of John Nash, "schizophrenic Beautiful Mind, mathematician who got the Nobel Prize of Economics for creating Game Theory" after "crashing his car", 
Script was written before illuminati produced the "Beautiful Mind "movie and it obviously includes illuminati media now refreshing the brains of human cattle about Varoufakis' book on game theory, his special field of Economics.

Sept 2011: actor "Var-you-fuk-us" steps on stage:

Game theory is the same kind of mockery of human cattle as Greece's PNB, alias "National accounts without control of borders".
See #6 at:

For Truman start with his Marshall plan:

The ultimate example for naming illuminati icons: Truman and Obama