Illuminati Icons for the Human Cattle - from Bill Clinton to 50 Cent

May 26, 2004

Mind control techniques - "Picasso millions hoax" technique exposed 2004

"Picasso millions hoax" technique,used to sell illuminati icons, was exposed by Matt Marriott long ago. But who did echo it ever after?

An historic post - not because of illuminati "art" exposure...
End Times Prophet used several examples to expose how illuminati "art" is used to advance the illuminati agendas.

An example from May 2004, "Picasso's 'Boy With a Pipe' Sets Auction Record" (1).
Having "genius" Picasso advancing the homosexuality and pedophilia agenda was the right answer to the question posed by Truth666 in first post.

... but because of Picasso millions hoax technique mind control was exposed worldwide first
Although that same first post implies that the "Picasso millions hoax" MIND CONTROL technique was well known...
"The mechanisms of art auctions are well known, as well as the manufacturing of "genious" like Picasso or Wahrol

... in fact End Times Prophet was exposing it worldwide for the first time. (2)
A hoax that is now pushed to the utter limits (3), in illuminati overtime.

(1) Picasso's 'Boy With a Pipe' Sets Auction Record

(2) A way to escape censorship at, before any truth would be banned, one year later, as it became the last official refuge for the supporters of GW Bush

(3) Blair & Cherie repeat Clinton & Hilary millions script

Added 2015 May:
Picasso's Women of Algiers: record art auction HOAX. HORRIBLE TRUTH exposed:ALL staged and part of the same script: Ronaldo and US donations to Nepal earthquake victims /2015/05/