Illuminati Icons for the Human Cattle - from Bill Clinton to 50 Cent

May 2, 2010

Escape HELL ONLY ONE has serious chances

Totally retarded "Stephen Hawking" in fact has no idea why he's on the spotlight. 
The reason why he got the jackpot is NOT because he was selected to play genius.

Illuminati icons with serious chances of escaping *** HELL ***: End Times Reductionism: ONLY ONE
Hawking is the only illuminati icon whose chances of escaping hell are significantly above ZERO.
In fact his chances are also significantly above ALL "christians" coming to St. Peter´s Square to listen to the "Pope". 
As for the chances of winning the lottery jackpot, there's absolutely no comparison: in case there's a winner it can ONLY be genius Hawking ['s creators].

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When Stephen Hawing is roasting in Hell for denying creationism, will they let him bring his wheelchair?

2013 Sept: End of the show: Stephen Hawking's voice resurrects from a black hole

Pete Seeger, a music legend of the LAST EIGHT DECADES, has less chances to escape HELL than atheist icon Stephen Hawking

Chances of winning the jackpot are ZERO.